Esprit International

1994 – 2006
Global Image Director

Member of the senior management team, with the responsibility to create and ensure the smooth implementation of an Integrated Image System throughout the operating regions of the group.

2005 – 2006
Dusseldorf, Germany

Moved the Global Image team from NY to Dusseldorf to achieve a better synergy with the 11 product divisions, and to be present in Esprit’s biggest market – Germany, Europe.

2003 – 2005
New York, USA

Moved the Global Image office from London to NY . Set up the new global image office, providing all creative services to ensure consistency, creativity, synergy, and impact of the Global Esprit Brand throughout the operating divisions and the distributors internationally.

1997 – 2003
London, UK

Set up the European Image office and eventually merged the Asian/European image offices to provide better synergies, productivity, and cost savings when the Asian operations bought the European part of the business. Simultaneously, merging the San Francisco and Hong Kong office in London with a team of 8 members to continue to provide all creative services that has increased Esprit’s competitive stature in Europe and Asia. Created and implemented the online ecommerce E*SHOP.  Created and implemented the comprehensive new brand guidelines from labeling to retail/wholesale graphics.

1994 – 1997
Hong Kong

Set up the Asian Image office to synergize the operating region for wholesale, retail and licensee operations. Standardized/unified all marketing/image related materials/components to achieve a consistent look and feel of the brand across Asia.