White Space Art Asia

White Space Art Asia is proud to present ‘SMASH!’, a multimedia exhibition about the end of a long-standing love affair between an artist and the world of porcelain. Featuring local artist Yang Derong, ‘SMASH!’ is a visceral exploration of Yang’s tumultuous five-year struggle with creating, story-telling and making art through his army of porcelain pieces. From collection, creation, rejection to the eventual destruction of his hard-won porcelain assemblage, ‘SMASH!’ offers a powerful, brutally honest insight into the reality of the highs and lows of art-making.

Drawing from his past rejections faced as an artist, Yang breathes new life into his porcelains with a narrative that goes far beyond the objects. What’s presented in ‘SMASH!’ is a raw, confrontational and vulnerable reflection of Yang’s growth and journey as an artist. Set in five stages, follow Yang on his porcelain pilgrimage and immerse yourself in an intimate, all-consuming relationship between an artist and his art. Using both digital and physical media, ‘SMASH!’ is a fascinating insight into the psyche of an artist grappling with failure and transforming loss into something beautiful.

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